News / CloudBilling Secures Investment to Fuel Growth in the UK and Nordics

CloudBilling Secures Investment to Fuel Growth in the UK and Nordics


Published: 2023-05-22

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We take great pleasure in announcing that we have recently secured funding to expedite our expansion in the UK and Nordics. CloudBilling is a foremost B2B SaaS platform that provides cloud FinOps and cost management solutions to service providers and enterprises, empowering them to optimize their billing processes and efficiently find new opportunities through high-quality data.
To cater to our ever-growing clientele, CloudBilling intends to augment its sales and marketing initiatives in the UK and Nordic regions and channel investments in product development.

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CloudBilling: Streamlining Billing Processes paired with Business Intelligence

CloudBilling is a prominent provider of billing and revenue management solutions that are hosted on the cloud. Our cutting-edge platform empowers enterprises to simplify their billing operations, curtail expenses, and augment their earnings. By automating billing workflows and offering up-to-the-minute insights into revenue streams, CloudBilling facilitates businesses to regulate their cash flow and make well-informed business decisions effectively.

Our platform primarily focuses on billing, business intelligence, and customer portals. It offers a complete cloud management solution from a billing standpoint by utilizing validated billing data. This validated billing data generates a significant amount of high-quality data that can be leveraged for gaining insights and creating valuable dashboards. These insights are not only available to CloudBilling's customers, such as managed service providers, but also to the end-customer of these service providers. 

Securing Funding to Drive Growth in the UK and Nordics

CloudBilling has recently procured funding with a view to accelerating its growth in the UK and Nordics. Florin Finance that is an M&A advisory boutique has advised CloudBilling in the funding process. The funds will be employed to augment the company's sales and marketing initiatives in these regions, as well as to channel investments in its product development so as to better cater to its burgeoning customer base.

This latest investment comes on the heels of a phase of notable growth for CloudBilling. The company has witnessed robust demand for its cloud-based billing and Business intelligence solutions, especially in EMEA and with now the UK on sight. With this fresh infusion of funding, CloudBilling will be aptly positioned to leverage this demand and continue on its trajectory of rapid growth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
What does CloudBilling do?
CloudBilling offers cloud-based solutions for billing, and revenue management, and business intelligence, enabling businesses to optimize their processes and cloud usage for maximum efficiency while making the right business decisions.
What is the objective of the new funding?
The primary objective of the new funding is to expedite CloudBilling's expansion in the UK and Nordics, while investing in sales and marketing and growing the company’s product development and operations teams accordingly.

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