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CloudBilling launches updated website with a new corporate identity


Published: 2021-06-24

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A sophisticated design with clear description of CloudBilling product lines

CloudBilling is delighted to invite all customers, partners, and other interested parties and visitors to explore our new website. The new website has a completely fresh interface with a new corporate identity. The new design offers the visitors a friendly composition of product pages with infographics to better describe the CloudBilling solution.

The website also includes a new definition of verticals to emphasize on the focus customer groups where CloudBilling solutions add great value.

The new CloudBilling website includes:

  • Rebranding: a complete make-over and styling using three green colors as the primary branding guide to specify CloudBilling’s product lines.
  • New Verticals: the business verticals specific to service providers, software providers and transactional processors have their own individual landing pages that focus more on the customers’ needs.
  • Product Lines: the three main products – Billing, Business Intelligence and Customer Portals – are clear and fulfill the needs of the market.
  • Infographics: on different landing pages we have added infographics to better describe our solutions to the website visitors.
  • Management Team: we also added a section for the management team, the faces behind the company.

“We are thrilled to debut CloudBilling’s new corporate identity with our new website to our customers, partners, employees and interested parties who are looking to understand the breadth of CloudBilling’s software solutions said Robin de Vries, CloudBilling’s Chief Commercial Officer”. CloudBilling is growing in the usage economy and a rebranding was necessary to mark our company and solutions, that demystify the usage economy, providing overview and insight to enable a sense of trust and control to empower informed decision making. We experience that our customers, and their customers, want to have more and more control over costs and we are happy to play a crucial part in this.

In addition, with the new and fresh media page, visitors of the website can stay informed with the latest CloudBilling industry news, new blog posts and actual events. We will regularly post insightful articles with richer content such as technical tips, success stories, white papers, press releases, featured products and newsletters.

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About CloudBilling

CloudBilling is a high growth Dutch technology (software) company that demystifies the usage economy with transparent solutions that provide insight in invoices, usage and data. CloudBilling started out to help the very first SaaS companies by implementing billing solutions supporting subscription and usage-based billing as early as 2009.

Over the years CloudBilling has expanded its services with products that extract data from the billing platform to perform in-depth analysis. These analyses are enriched with the most important insights to empower informed decision making for our customers and their customers through Customer Portals. For more information, visit

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