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CTAC Case: How CloudBilling helped CTAC streamline their cloud billing process


Published: 2024-05-07

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About CTAC 

CTAC is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions with more than 32 years of experience across multiple industries. As a business enabler, CTAC specialises in developing customised systems and processes to drive success, using its in-depth knowledge of customer needs.   

Offering SAP and Microsoft solutions 'on any cloud', as well as proprietary products such as the XV Retail Suite, CTAC enables companies to thrive in today's dynamic landscape. 

With offices in Belgium, CTAC boasts a dedicated workforce of over 400 employees committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Collaborating with clients across industries such as retail, wholesale, manufacturing, real estate, professional services, and government, CTAC delivers cutting-edge technology solutions that drive businesses forward. 


CTAC’s challenge 

CTAC encountered significant challenges in transitioning customers to the cloud, dealing with both technical complexity and the need for commercial viability. Despite their expertise, managing the diverse licensing and billing processes turned out to be a major hurdle. 

This challenge was particularly significant when reconciling multiple services on a single invoice, which became a real burden to CTAC employees. It required meticulous attention to detail and took up a considerable amount of their time.  

Key challenges included: 

  • Managing various licensing and billing issues 

  • Reconciling multiple services on a single invoice 

CTAC struggled with the limitations of its existing systems, requiring strategic upgrades to streamline cloud migration processes and ensure a seamless customer experience. 

The solution

To address these challenges, CTAC turned to CloudBilling, an automated billing solution. By choosing CloudBilling, CTAC significantly improved their billing processes. They gained the ability to accurately report and bill Microsoft usage for each customer, seamlessly integrate NCE licences and AWS usage, and consolidate all services into one clear, single invoice 

Moreover, CloudBilling gave CTAC a comprehensive overview of their billing data, allowing them to make informed decisions and work more efficiently. 



CloudBilling was implemented quickly and efficiently with the support of  CloudBilling's experts, who worked closely with CTAC to design and implement the solution. Over time, CloudBilling grew into a strong multi-cloud cost and invoice management system, tailored to CTAC's needs and in line with industry standards. 

The results 

After integrating CloudBilling into their operations, CTAC experienced a turnaround in their billing and cost management processes. The implementation of CloudBilling marked an important milestone in CTAC's journey towards optimising their cloud services and improving customer satisfaction. 

CTAC experienced the following improvements: 

  • Streamlined billing process, resulting in significant savings in time and resources in de monthly billing effort 
  • Valuable insights into monthly consumption patterns. 
  • Improved efficiency and transparency in cost management across multiple clouds. 
  • Enabled CTAC to better serve customers and drive business growth. 

CloudBilling has been instrumental in revolutionising our cost and invoice management for Multi Clouds. From seamless integration to unparalleled support, CloudBilling has exceeded our expectations at every turn. I wholeheartedly recommend CloudBilling to any company facing similar challenges.

Rob van Acquoy, Senior Operations Manager at CTAC

Navigating multi-cloud complexity with CloudBilling 

CloudBilling remains CTAC's valued partner in navigating the complexities of multi-cloud cost management. With dedicated support and a comprehensive suite of features, CloudBilling continues to empower CTAC in its journey towards innovation and excellence in cloud services. 

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