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This webinar explores how businesses are shifting from hyperscalers to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for secure and cost-effective solutions.
Sponsored by CloudBilling, the session offers insights into effective billing management for cloud and hybrid services, sharing practical strategies for revenue growth and churn reduction based on successful experiences in the Benelux region.
Don't miss this opportunity to navigate the complexities of billing in the ever-changing cloud ecosystem.

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with ANS Group and IT Europa

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Why should you view this OnDemand Webinar?

View this OnDemand Webinar to gain invaluable insights into the changing dynamics of enterprise IT and the strategic shift from direct engagements with hyperscalers to leveraging Managed Service Providers (MSPs).
Key takeaways include:
- Discover the shift from hyperscalers to MSPs in enterprise IT.
- Explore secure and cost-effective solutions combining cloud, SaaS, and managed services.
- Unlock revenue growth and reduce churn with real-world examples from the Benelux region.
- Tackle challenges like regional data governance and complex billing.
Watch our Webinar to boost your financial knowledge and excel in your role!