Microsoft CSP Billing Management

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft CSP and automate your invoicing with CloudBilling.

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Microsoft Azure Consumption and Invoice

CloudBilling provides direct integrations for Azure Enterprise Agreement and the Microsoft CSP Partnercenter. Automatically invoice Azure usage, Microsoft 365, Reserved Instances, Marketplace, NCE seat-based offers, Software Subscriptions and more.

How does it work?

Out of the box integration for CSP billing.

Step 1
Initiating Consent Process

Start by logging into CloudBilling and navigating to the top menu. Hover over 'Connectors' and select 'Microsoft CSP'. Then, click on 'Connector Settings' followed by 'Login with your Microsoft Account'. This step initiates the consent process, allowing CloudBilling to interact with Microsoft services on your behalf. Ensure that the user providing consent has the required permissions, such as "Admin Agent" or a combination of "Billing Admin" and "Sales Agent".

Step 2
Providing Consent

Follow the steps outlined by Microsoft to complete the consent process. It's recommended to use a designated "service account" to provide consent to ensure continuity in data flow even if user accounts change in the future. Note that tenant-wide user consent settings may need adjustment to allow consent for apps, depending on your organization's configuration.

Step 3
Retrieving Usage Data

Once consent is granted, CloudBilling will retrieve usage data from Microsoft Azure on a daily basis. Azure usage, including both Azure and License subscriptions, is fetched at 9:00 CET every day. This includes a detailed history of customer activities, ensuring accurate billing. Additionally, CloudBilling connects with Microsoft to retrieve license subscription counts, aiding in precise invoicing.

Step 4
Handling Discrepancies and Differences

Understand potential differences between CloudBilling invoices and Microsoft invoices due to factors like invoice period misalignment, prepayments, and initial setup timing. CloudBilling allows flexibility in invoice periods, which may result in variations compared to Microsoft's billing cycle. Additionally, discrepancies may arise during the initial setup phase or due to differences in prepaid amounts. Understanding these differences ensures transparency and accurate billing practices for your clients.

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