AWS Cloud Billing Management

Integrate seamlessly with AWS Cloud and automate your invoicing with CloudBilling.

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AWS Consumption and Invoice

Integrate AWS master accounts on one platform and decide how to handle credits, refunds and savings plans to automate your billing process.

Determine the distribution of reservations across different accounts. Share the reservations you have purchased equally across other accounts or just charge them at public on-demand rates.

How does it work?

An easy and smooth integration.

Step 1
Prepare AWS Environment

The first step involves setting up your AWS environment for integration by creating an S3 bucket for Cost & Usage Reports, configuring these reports, and creating an IAM policy for secure access. This setup allows AWS billing data to be collected and made accessible for CloudBilling.

Step 2
Configure CloudBilling Connector

Next, you link CloudBilling to your AWS setup by entering your AWS account information into CloudBilling, including the S3 bucket details and AWS API keys. This connection enables CloudBilling to access and fetch your AWS billing data for analysis.

Step 3
Enable AWS Products and Pricing

In this step, you ensure CloudBilling stays updated with AWS products and pricing by activating maintenance features. This keeps the billing analysis accurate with the latest AWS offerings and pricing structures, tailored to your organizational needs.

Step 4
Customer Mapping and Markup Settings

The final step is about attributing AWS accounts to specific customers in CloudBilling and adjusting pricing with markups or discounts. This allows for customized billing analysis, aligning with business models or contracts, and facilitates revenue management.

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