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The CloudBilling-Customer Fit


Published: 2021-12-08

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10 years of experience with managed service providers

A frequent question I get is – “how do your customers assess if CloudBilling is the right fit for their business?”. My response – “This is a 2-way street. Not only are customers assessing if we are a good fit for them, but we are also assessing if they are a good fit for us”. At CloudBilling, we work together with customers from ideation to launch, certifying that our solution is a good match for them. We are looking for customers to grow with us and we also ensure that we grow with them. During the sales qualification phase we evaluate our leads on a few attributes.


CloudBilling offers invoicing, insights, and customer portal solutions. As a billing platform we can be industry agnostic. Any business that has customers paying for its services could technically be a CloudBilling customer. But we focus primarily on managed service providers – customers in the space of public and private cloud – those offerings additional services while reselling cloud resources. This is primarily because we offer standard integrations with most cloud vendors, namely, AWS, Azure, GCP and VMware. The other set of customers we typically service are multi-regional enterprises since our solutions are tailored to deliver maximum value to this segment.


CloudBilling has primarily served Dutch customers, since the Netherlands is our home base. We are now shifting focus towards customers across Western and Northern Europe where we intend to expand in the coming years. Customer success and support is in our DNA and being at customer locations physically allows us to understand our customers’ problems effectively and assist them better. The changing times have allowed us to easily expand our focus to other European countries where we see a demand for our software solutions and professional services. 

Complex pricing models and product portfolios

The CloudBilling platform is quite extensive. It empowers you to make very customized setups and configurations within your environments to achieve any level of detail and complexity when it comes to pricing models, product categorisations and invoice representation. The platform value is best delivered when our customers have custom contract agreements with their customers and product/service offerings where pay-per-use models are predominant, like in cloud resource usage.

Huge volumes of transactions

At CloudBilling we are seeing that businesses are shifting more and more to usage-based pricing. Consequently, this has led to us serving customers who are delivering millions of microtransactions to their customers, specifically within the cloud space where resource consumption is charged primarily as pay-per-use. The CloudBilling platform is geared to handle and process massive amounts of transactions, precisely and efficiently. Many of our enterprise customers also have business models where they sell software or services that is charged per use as opposed to standard subscription models. 

Ambitions to grow

CloudBilling has been growing steadily since its conception The software platform has grown leaps and bounds, allowing us to cater to extremely huge volumes of data input and output. We offer new features and capabilities frequently to our customers, keeping pace with changes that cloud vendors make to the data that they deliver. This allows us to stay a cut above most of our other competitors in the cloud space.

We continuously work towards offering innovative pricing models and consult our customers on best practices there. New insights and customer portal propositions have allowed to us to expand the range of solutions we offer allowing us to address not only our customers, but end-customers as well, directly. This has helped many of our customers who need to keep innovating to stay competitive. In line with our vision and growth plans, we are also looking at customers who aim to grow quickly over time, and who bring fresh perspectives and insights to the way we do work. 

Open to collaboration

Given CloudBilling is willing to invest in development activities where necessary to aid specific customers, we welcome customers who are willing to engage in discovering, together with CloudBilling consultants, opportunities, idealistic mid- and long-term roadmaps, and implementation strategies. We work well with customers who can also bring in development capacity on their side when necessary to setup custom middleware or ETLs that will eventually benefit them in the long run. CloudBilling consultants are forefront in defining how CloudBilling should be positioned within the technology and business ecosystem at our customers, but we are also looking for visionaries and champions at our customers to create appropriate buy-ins and to lead their teams to ensure proper change management and adoption of the CloudBilling solutions.

Every customer interaction between CloudBilling and potential customers is unique. We are assessing a fit at every stage of the onboarding process. We tailor our sales, marketing and consulting approach based on the type of customer resulting in a much healthier, fruitful, and desirable conversation and likely partnership.

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