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How Yannick makes an impact with CloudBilling


Published: 2021-11-26

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At CloudBilling our growing team works on the cloud solutions for tomorrow, everyday. Each with their own expertise but all with the same mission: empowering informed decision making.

Today we speak with: Yannick Wijnen, consultant at CloudBilling.

In my job I find it important to make a positive impact and help uplift the company. I prefer to do this by working out ideas, implementing (process) improvements and taking responsibility. After finishing my master Digital Business and Innovation, I was looking for a job where I could work with the newest technologies, and strategically think about implementation and the use of these technologies. That’s why I started working as a consultant at CloudBilling. At CloudBilling I can make a big impact, at the customer as well as at the company itself.

Consultant at CloudBilling

As a consultant at CloudBilling I am responsible for managing the implementation projects of our customers. These projects are very diverse because every customer asks for a different approach. I configure the CloudBilling environment based on the financial process of the customer. Besides that, I design different import and invoice templates with C# and HTML. I am also responsible for support, where my main task is to always come to good and suitable solutions for our customers.

At CloudBilling I work closely with our customers. Because we are part of a critical process of our customers, we can make a big and positive impact. Once we complete an implementation successfully, we resolve a huge issue for them. One of our customers mentioned that we feel ‘like colleagues’, which demonstrates the intensity of our contact and support. Together with customers we keep finding new solutions that not only help the customer but also help us as a company.

I have a lot of responsibilities as a consultant; my work activities include data management and data analysis, configuration activities, programming and project management. To me this is a perfect combination of working with innovation and technology, as well as customers and the impact of this technology. Because of this variety I learn a lot, which is something I really appreciate about this job.

Application procedure

The application procedure at CloudBilling is short and intense. I appreciated that my interview and case were done directly with the management team. This enabled us to go in depth right away. During these conversations we talked about my ambitions to grow to a strategic function with responsibility, and this suited the expectations of the management team. During the application procedure they told me about their vision on CloudBilling and the future. I choose to work at CloudBilling because of their story and enthusiasm. The fact that CloudBilling is continuously innovating to make an impact on the cloud industry and is providing me with the opportunity to take an active part in that, made my decision even easier.

Growth and personal development

CloudBilling is a fast growing and agile company, with a team that is highly motivated to achieve our shared goal. Once a month we have a team meeting with drinks afterwards.  In this meeting we are updated about our strategy, products and (new) customers. These monthly updates ensure that everyone remains focused and works with the same aim in mind. Our mission is clear; now we are creating our way to it. Keeping each other up to date prevents us from working on our own ‘island’, but rather collectively towards our shared goal.

Because I indicated that I want to commit myself to the fullest to reach our targets, the management team gave me the change to grow within the company. That’s why I also have responsibilities in operational management since a few months. This way I can dive into more facets of our business. Working closely with both our commercial team and product team, my work and responsibilities have become even more extensive. At CloudBilling I always get the opportunity to come up with new ideas and make improvements.

CloudBilling’s acknowledgement of my talents and wishes enabled me to grow in the company, within a year. I am excited to see what the future holds as it will surely provide lots of opportunities and learnings.

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