Events / CloudBilling Debut at MSS Europe: Insights on Innovation and Cybersecurity for MSPs

CloudBilling Debut at MSS Europe: Insights on Innovation and Cybersecurity for MSPs


Published: 2023-06-19

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CloudBilling made its debut at the MSS Europe event in Amsterdam, the first installment of a three-part series. The day was flawlessly organized and filled with insightful discussions. Special recognition goes to the event organizers, IT Europa and Angel Business Communications, for creating a highly productive environment.

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Unlocking the power of innovation with Richard van Hooijdonk

The event commenced with an electrifying keynote address by futurist Richard van Hooijdonk. His passion for infusing innovation and imagination into the minds of individuals and organizations left the audience captivated. Particularly intriguing was his exploration of how to navigate the rapid pace of change. As we witness the transition of the workforce into the modern era, it becomes evident that future leaders possess a distinct outlook on the world compared to their predecessors who have the risk of being stuck in their old ways.

Managed service providers need to keep innovating and becoming trusted advisors

One of the thought-provoking sessions was the panel debate on innovation. As MSPs increasingly aspire to become trusted advisors, it became apparent that our industry still has some ground to cover. Simultaneously, MSPs are heavily investing in DMARC and cybersecurity, aligning with the prevailing industry trend. This notion was reinforced during the panel discussion on how MSPs leverage their imagination to identify new market opportunities.

Emilia Buena, PhD, emphasised the push for reinvention and creative solutions

In the other keynote speech Emilia Bunea, PhD, researched the relationship between passionate hobbies and leadership. She discovered that in increasingly competitive markets, where new providers and business approaches emerge, constant self-reinvention is necessary. Emilia emphasises that passionate hobbies can provide the resources needed for this ongoing reinvention, including resilience, creativity, and self-confidence. Her research involved interviewing numerous leaders, ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEOs. She asserts that passionate non-work interests offer benefits beyond mere recovery and can enhance performance as a leader, entrepreneur, or high-value expert. Highly recommend listening to Emilia’s TED talks if you get the chance.  

Key takeaways from Managed Services Summit Europe 2023

  • Cybersecurity and DMARC were the central themes of the day, highlighting MSPs' efforts to address security risks associated with hybrid work models.
  • The key insight from the event: MSPs must prioritize organizational protection, which has shifted from being a luxury to an absolute necessity.
  • MSPs are focusing on pivoting their business strategies towards achieving operational excellence, often aiming to reduce technical debt along the way.
  • In times of economic uncertainty, investing in the right technology has become increasingly crucial.

Looking ahead, CloudBilling eagerly anticipates the next legs of the Managed Service Summit in London and Manchester, where the journey will continue.

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