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CloudBilling at WHD Global 2015


Published: 2015-03-27

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VMware connector

CloudBilling successfully presented its Plug & Play CloudBilling for VMware ISPs at WHD Global on 24-26 March in Rust. CloudBilling's VMware connector allows ISPs to correctly map and bill the organised infrastructure within VMware clusters. It automatically reads from the source how much a customer purchases from the ISP over a given period. This gives the ISP full insight into costs and potential revenue per customer/end user at all times.

The ISP can set up various pricing models in CloudBilling to charge the consumption to the customer/end user. From fixed monthly "lump-sum" pricing models, prices per workstation to 1-to-1 billing (with a margin) of the actual consumption to the customer/end user.

Other connectors

CloudBilling is evolving and further expanding its billing service. We want to enable customers to integrate and manage various cloud services and data streams with each other. In combination with CloudBilling, this will create a rock-solid billing service that is virtually plug & play. The first step for this has now been taken with the VMware connector. Besides this connector, we are currently developing several other connectors to serve the ISP/IaaS sector even better in terms of billing. Connectors for AWS and Azure will soon become available. We are also working on connectors for Office365 and other Microsoft services.

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