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Pay-per-use within the MSP industry

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On Wednesday 17 September, CloudBilling, together with VMware and Bitbrains, organised the round table meeting 'pay-per-use within the service providers industry'. This topic was in line with signals from the industry about the need to expand billing tools. The interactive meeting discussed the challenges with pay-per-use billing. It also addressed the developments around pay-per-use within the industry and what this means for service providers.

The exchange of views took place through three presentations.

1. Rob Coppen (CloudBilling) discussed the origins of CloudBilling, what the service entails and which sectors it serves. This was followed by a discussion about practical experiences and what people encounter when it comes to billing. These ranged from having trouble putting different products on one invoice to not being able to charge on a pay-per-use basis. Another challenge is creative sales people making individual pricing agreements with customers.

2. Hein Brat (Bitbrains) talked about their complexity in terms of billing and why they made the switch to CloudBilling at the time. This was followed by a discussion on what the billing process should comply with, experiences were shared on how their billing is arranged and what people would like to see different and better.

3. Finally, Roelof Spijker (CloudBilling) showed in a demo how CloudBilling's billing solution works and what the possibilities are to gain control over the billing process now and in the future. From the ensuing discussion, it was clear that billing is becoming an increasingly important topic in the service provider industry.

Next round table

The next round table meeting for service providers will take place in November 2014. The topic and exact date will be announced in due course. You can register in advance at

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