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Cloud Billing Made Easy

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The public cloud has been one of the fastest-growing markets for many of the world’s largest technology companies. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the first-mover with Microsoft and Google following a couple of years after. There has been an on-going cloud race between these three public cloud giants ever since. As a result of this fierce competition, prices have been dropping steadily and new features and services are continuously being introduced.


As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you can choose to service your customers working with any of these hyperscalers or offer your own private cloud solutions. Multi-cloud, single vendor and hybrid cloud solutions all pose various billing challenges. CloudBilling offers a powerful and flexible billing solution that helps you gain control, flexibility, and insight in your billing process. 

  • Retrieve all your public & private cloud usage
  • Calculate a single consolidated invoice per customer
  • Add your own managed services and custom offerings
  • Apply custom pricing


CloudBilling has standard integrations for all major public cloud providers. Regardless of whether you offer multi-cloud, hybrid cloud or focus on a single provider, we automate your billing process. Our integrations with AWS, Microsoft CSP (Azure & O365), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and VMware make sure all your customers’ usage gets invoiced in a timely manner.

Reduce revenue leakage

When billing cloud usage, you run a significant risk of billing errors or missing resource usage that should be invoiced. All of this missed usage adds up to incalculable revenue leakage. It goes without saying that revenue leakage is a serious issue. CloudBilling automates the usage retrieval and billing process, so no revenue is missed.

Staying in control of your public cloud costs and invoices to your customers is critical to enhancing your service offerings and getting paid on time.

Manage different charge types

With CloudBilling you can decide how to deal with public cloud specific charges, like the Committed Use Discounts from Google, Credits and refunds from AWS or your partner earned credit for Azure. Additionally, you can create pricing to automate your managed services based on the cloud spend of your customers.

Generate different types of output

CloudBilling supports invoicing your customers with custom made invoices layouts and file formats. Send invoices to your customers in PDF, XML or CSV formats (or a combination of those) to support your processes and your customers’ needs. Additionally, CloudBilling generates the output for your general ledger. Set up your GL-codes in CloudBilling and we provide all the information your financial system needs.

Benefits of CloudBilling

  • Integrate with all major public cloud providers
  • Improve scalability and position in the market
  • Time and cost reduction
  • Verified & complete invoices
  • Future proof 

Staying in control of your public cloud costs and invoices to your customers is critical to enhancing your service offerings and getting paid on time. CloudBilling quickly and conveniently automates charging of resource usage and managed services fees.

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